“Do you wan’t to see MIMOSA at Pampanga?”

“Yes guys, we will  have a field trip tomorrow. However, the field trip is only limited for 20 students. The hire of the bus is P10700.00. Each of the participants in the field trip will have to share equal amount for the fare.”

If for instance, you wanna join us but unfornately you’re not included in the list, its not a big deal anyway.

After a few minutes, one student stood up and said, “we wanna join you in the field trip. Six of us agreed that we will go with you and we will just pay whatever amount that could compensate our fare”.

Okay, so if the six of you will join us, how much will be our individual fare for the trip? Anyone who could explain and compute it for us. Any wild guess?

“P250? P220? P 300”, acclaims the students.

Oh come on guys! Will our fare be higher or lower than the fare of 20 students if we are 26 who will be joining the field trip? Seems difficult to answer? Reflect to this very nice quotation. I have read it once in a math magazine but could not remember anymore what magazine is that and I qoute, “Do not worry about your difficulties in math. I can assure you mine are still greater”.

Do you believe in that?

The situation given can actually be solved through quadratic function. Have you encountered the word quadratic?

Quadratic function can be applied in our everyday activities. Our allowance, our trip tickets, how far a ball travels if we throw somewhere else and other related situations.Probably you might not notice how important quadratic in our lives is.

Hang on class… Let’s try to explore more about quadratic functions.

Click this…

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